Parked outside your friends house


One thing I have noticed living the bus life, sometimes its questionable when or when not to hang out with someone. Especially when you are parked on the street outside of their house or apartment.

I’m currently parked in my friends driveway, and will be until March. So when I am on the bus, I am home. This is my place of residence. The bus is my tiny home. I cook here, I sleep here, I write and work here. It’s not unlike being in your apartment, this is your domain. Mine just happens to be very close to my friends.

Sometimes I feel that I am being rude when I want to go home, or simply want to stay home. I don’t want to send the wrong message. It’s a hard balance because I am in their driveway. They still see me, even if I or we don’t want to necessarily hang that day. And I don’t want to come across as anti-social either, but I need quite a bit of alone time now and again. Recharge my batteries. Its different when you live further away, there would be an understanding that it would be a bit of an effort to come over. Here, it’s basically just walking outside. So I have to work on finding a balance to where I get some alone time, but spend as much time with my friends as possible.

The cool thing about having my tiny home parked at my friend’s house, is I never have to worry about getting home. No traffic, not being worried about being too tired, etc. I really have the maximum time with my friends, and then I just walk outside and go home. It’s a thing of beauty.

Bus Life is real enough for me.


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  1. Hi there! I see you are staying in florida. If your up to it I would love to ask you questions surrounding skoolie regulations and florida, since I’ll be moving there in September with my Husband and our 2 pups in our skoolie.


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