Dumping the poop tank :(


At some point or another, if you have a home on wheels, you will have to deal with your waste. Many people are choosing compost toilets over standard flush toilets, and that’s awesome. Its something that I considered, but since we were plumbing water anyway, we decided to install an RV flush toilet. My dad and I chose to go with a single 32 gallon waste tank, to hold the black water, which is your personal waste, as well as the gray water, which consists of your shower and sink water.


On the nearly 3 month road trip through 30 states, getting rid of the waste tank, also known as dumping, was not as much of an issue as I thought it would be. But when I couldn’t find a dump station, it became a bit of a problem.

I didn’t spend much time at campgrounds with a full hook up (water, sewer, electric) but when I did, that became my opportunity to shower, cook bigger meals and be able to wash all the dishes as well as making sure that the plumbing is all flushed through. When I was on the road, I used an app to find dump stations. The app seems to be a little older, and wasn’t very accurate. I would get to the gas station that was listed as a dump station, and they don’t offer that service any longer. I would drive out of my way to get to a rest stop that was listed on the app, just to pull in to read the sign “No Dumping Available at this Rest Site.” So I kept looking and driving.


On the 2 or 3 times when I really needed to dump, I considered going to a campground just to dump, or ask if they wouldn’t mind if I used their facility. At one point I was willing to pay the daily fee at a campground just to be able to dump the tank. The odor from the tank crept into the bus, and I just didn’t want anything to spill in through the plumbing. This was when I kept water use to a minimum on the bus. I would use facilities whenever I would stop. Basically, really needed to dump the tank.

I don’t have meters installed on the tank, so I kind of have to remember how many times I have showered, done the dishes, gone to the bathroom, and so forth. I only have that 32 gallon combined tank, but a 40 gallon fresh water tank. There is a bit of an odor that comes out of the vent when it’s getting full. I haven’t had any spillage issues whatsoever. There was only 1 time that I paid for dumping, and it was $10 at a gas station. I was kind of ticked off that I came here, to pay $10 when its free at several rest stops in a couple states and other places. But! Right across the street was an International Truck Repair and Sales. I needed a new filter for a leak that I was having, and because the app finally lead me to this gas station, I was able to take care of the engine at the same time. Worked out perfect.

Parked at my friend’s house, I bought myself a 32 gallon travel dump tank, so that the bus can remain parked, and I take the portable tank to get dumped. Pulling around 32 gallons of waste water is quite a workout in itself. Perhaps ill create an e-book on staying fit by keeping a Skoolie road worthy and free of poop.


Make it a great day 🙂


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