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ABC is loving SkoolieLove! – ABC News Article

Things have been very hectic over here. The media attention has given me the ability to connect with so many amazing people. I have had so many opportunities to connect with people over the past week. People are writing awesome stories to me about how their grandpa had bought a school bus in the 60’s and traveled America and Canada with his family. One gal was so inspired by my journey, that she made the first step. She got herself a little piggy bank, and put a post it note on it. The hardest part is to start. And my new friend is $33 closer to achieving her goal. Makes me so happy and proud.

Another wonderful human being shared her story with me. Of how “Into the Wild,” among others things, changed her life. She was finally able to remove herself and her daughter from her abusive husband. It truly is a story of realizing that you deserve more, you deserve better. The life that you are currently living is not the life that you have to be living in the future. All it takes is a start in another direction. What direction do you find yourself wanting to go in? What would your piggy bank fund be used for?

school bus piggy bank

I’m currently writing an article about what I would need to do in order to Winterize the bus. Perhaps installing a wood stove, possible plumbing issues, how to have a thermal break along the windows. Those sorts of things that keep the bus better insulated.

If you guys have stories to share with me, ideas for articles, tips for keeping the bus warm, feel free to contact me.

Or just to say Hello! I love to hear from you guys. Tell your friends 🙂

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  1. Ooh my goodness! This article is amazing! My husband John was the bus driver on #5 for so many years!!! He drove that bus to many camp for youth. Hume Lake, Forest Falls, Pinecrest, few other places even field trips! Oh my! It’s so good to see how the bus turn into beautiful tiny home!
    God bless! Joan W.

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