BIG NEWS! Come see the Bus in March!

It’s OFFICIAL! Paperwork is in, logistics are being worked out. I have been in touch with the Producer of the 27th Annual New Jersey Home Show.

NJ prelim offf site.jpg

Great News!! The Big Blue Bus will be featured  on the Convention Floor!!! You can come see and tour the Bus for yourself!

As featured on

On the road! Man converts 189-square-foot School Bus into a Home


New Jersey’s Largest Home Show
Over 300 Exhibits with State-of-the-art Products & Services

Here is the website for more information.

27th Annual New Jersey Home Show

Hope to see you guys at the show in March!! We will be there from the 4th to the 6th.



  1. Hey Patrick, what a great story!! My brother used to do this back in the 80’s. I am glad to see your traveling but by other means. If you ever go to Brunswick Maine, my son lives there. He has a big driveway too to park your bus in. Let me know if your up that way. Me? Left my job August 2015 as well. Going to school and pursuing a certificate/degree in cyber networking. Keep up the great stories and glad to see life beyond the Horizon.

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    • I never did get the hang of the comment system on wordpress before I switched to

      Anka!! Thank you so much for commenting and getting in touch with me! I didn’t realize it was you, I had to look at your profile picture.

      I have traveled by foot, by kayak, by bike and felt like it was time to travel while still being “home.” I love Maine! I couldn’t fully enjoy it when I was there, since it was the end of my Appalachian Thru-Hike, but it’s such a beautiful state! You’re a super cool mom for being supportive and letting your son travel so much 🙂

      Life after Horizon has been wonderful. Definitely one of the better decisions. Its hard to leave a place with good benefits, where you feel comfortable and secure. Leaving a job where you are unhappy can be such a scary thing to do but an absolutely necessary step towards living the life you want. Good luck with everything!



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