Dan Price on living. “I never really did want to be an adult.”

The hippy, real or as imagined, now seems to stand as one of the few images toward which the very young can grow without having to give up the childish sense of enchantment and playfullness, perhaps because the hippy keeps one foot in his childhood.

— Theodore Roszak, “The Making of a Counter Culture.”

Came across this video and it really resonated with me. I enjoy hearing Dan Price talk, and watching him calmly walk across his property. His view on not having many things, but those few things you do have are extremely meaningful. It’s a neat viewpoint to have, and one that is extremely important when trying to live small and efficiently. To maximize your time and your money, in order to enjoy everything that you do, you have to live with less things.

Being a backpacker and camper, I can particularly relate to his view on living out of a tent. I love tenting. Sleeping on an inflated mat, wrapped up in my sleeping bag. There is a sort of comfort with having everything you need with you, stuffed into your backpack, and being able to fit everything into this tiny tent. It always makes me feel whole and complete. Taking up just as much space as I need to comfortably live and be able to adventure. I feel that to some degree on the bus. I have everything I need here with me. A place to sleep, eat, shower, go to the bathroom, write, read, listen to music, and everything else. However, I am taking up a lot more room, and I have enough space to have extra things, so there is less of a boundary between what I need and what I might need some other time.

Unique way to live Dan, very inspiring.


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